Real estate transactions can be complex and the Jacksonville Board of REALTORS® is committed to offering solution-based programs to assist REALTORS® and members of the public with real estate issues that might arise. This is an informal telephone mediation between the parties.

Jacksonville Board of REALTORS® Ombudsman Program

What it does: This is a program to provide enhanced communication and initial problem-solving solutions for its members and the public. The board handles ethics complaints, arbitrations, and mediation. An Ombudsman can respond to general questions regarding real estate practices, transaction details, ethical practices, and enforcement issues

How it works: After Ombudsman Request Form is submitted, the JBOR Professional Standards Administrator will send your request to the Ombudsman via email.  This information may include:

1 -Name, phone, and role of the complainant;
2 - Name, phone, and role of the respondent;
3 - If the respondent is a broker, the name of the principal broker and/or managing broker.

The qualified Ombudsman acts as a communicator between the parties responding to a variety of inquiries and complaints, working with the parties in identifying the issues.  The JBOR Ombudsman will make contact with parties via telephone and attempt to resolve the issue/complaint. If efforts are successful, there is no further action necessary. If efforts are not successful, the Ombudsman will advise the complainant about the next step in the complaint process. All matters are kept confidential.

Why it worksThe benefit of the Ombudsman program is receiving non-judgmental real estate-related information in a timely manner at no cost to assist towards a solution. The process provides an opportunity for both sides of the story to be heard.

What Ombudsman CANNOT do:

Adjudicate or make decisions
Give legal advice
Determine who is right or wrong
Disclose communications, the process is CONFIDENTIAL   
Make or keep any written records of discussion and/or agreements
Determine if an ethics violation occurred

Act as an advocate for either party

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The North Carolina REALTORS® also offers Ombudsman services. 
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